Metlife Dental Insurance Plans Offer Clients Big Discounts on Coverage

Since it was founded in 1898, Metlife has become one of America’s largest providers of insurance and other financial products; it has also started operations overseas in regions such as Europe and Latin America. Products currently offered by Metlife include life insurance, auto and home insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning, wealth management and group dental insurance. Group Metlife dental insurance plans are typically offered at rates 10% to 35% lower than the industry average in many of the communities it serves.Metlife dental insurance Preferred Dentist Program allows covered employees to avail of the services of general-practice and specialty dentists at over 120,000 locations across the US. Employees covered by Metlife PDP plans enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs for dental services as all in-network dentists have agreed to accept negotiated fees for all services rendered, even for non-covered services and those provided after you’ve exceeded your annual maximum. However, you have the freedom to use any dentist you want, although you can conveniently find an in-network dentist from a searchable database on the Metlife site. You can also find out what your out-of-pocket costs will be by requesting a pre-treatment estimate through your dentist.Employers in Florida, California and Texas can avail of a Metlife dental insurance DHMO plan. Metlife DHMO plans offer members a broad range of covered services (340 for those with SGX plans) with no annual maximums, which allow you to receive all the services that you need. There are also no claims and no deductibles; you only pay the co-pays for the covered services you actually use. When you enroll, all you and your dependents have to do is to select a participating general dentist who will provide your primary dental care. And if you need a specialist, you don’t need a pre-authorization from your dentist; they will merely provide you with the name of a specialist so you can schedule a visit. SGX plans also cover second opinions; all you have to do is contact Metlife’s customer service and you will be provided with the name of a dentist. Family members can select different in-network dentists and you can change your dentist up to once a month.There are also two options for Metlife dental insurance: Standard and High. While both options offer 100% coverage for basic services, 35% of major procedures and 50% of orthodontia services, the Standard package covers 55% of intermediate dental services while the High option covers seventy percent.

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