What to Consider With MetLife Dental Insurance Plans

Several dental insurance companies are offering special programs in addition to their dental insurance plans. MetLife dental insurance is currently offering their members a Preferred Dentist Program (PDP). This is considered a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with a national network of approximately 90,000 dentists’ locations. These participating dentists provide services to MetLife members enrolled in the MetLife dental benefit plan. The fees for this particular insurance plan are generally 10 – 35%. This percentage is below the average rates within their community.What is MetLife’s Preferred Dentist ProgramTo participate in this money saving dental insurance offer, simply search in your MetLife’s directory of dentists and find a dentist locally based upon where you live or work and the type of dentist that you will be needing…for example, an orthodontist. Upon selecting the type of dentist you need, contact the dentist by email or call his or her office directly to schedule an appointment and let him or her know that you are currently participating in MetLife’s dental benefit plan (PDP).
MetLife’s dental insurance and the Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) has lower cost because when you receive dental care from a MetLife dentist, your actual out-of-pocket expenses will be considered much lower than what you would normally be charged if you received dental services from a non-participating dentist.Unlike several managed dental benefit programs, members have the freedom of selecting any dentist they want whether the dentist is in or out-of-network. This is during the time of treatment and when you are still receiving benefits. MetLife dental insurance holders normally save more money when they use an in-network dentist. The best of all, there are no required ‘lock-ins’ and there is absolutely no need to receive a referral to just to see a specialist.MetLife dentists who participate in PDP program go through a massive credentialing process so all members receive highly qualified dentists. The review process entails the following: emergency care arrangements, and malpractice coverage, history and etc. All dentists participating in this program must present valid copies of licenses and specialty training certificates. All dentists must adhere to very strict utilization management and claim review. This will actually help ensure that the benefits are paid for services. MetLife dentists are monitored on a regular basis and they are required to undergo recredentialing every three years. This is why 93% of all patients who have visited a PDP dentist have left satisfied with the out come of their visit.

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